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Avengers Disassembled: Bendis Defends Himself

A few people emailed us at "We Never Call Bendis 'God.'" to let us know that Brian Bendis gave a whole earful to the guys at Comic Book Resources through telephone interview.

In "Disa-Bendis-Sembled: Brian Bendis Talks "Avengers Disassembled", the Short Bald One is given the opportunity to explain, defend and justify the current brouhaha in his work on The Avengers. Among the many things that Bendis brings up are:
The New Lineup: "[Spider-Man will] also be surprised at how much respect he gets from the team. Spidey is the hero who's been through it all and managed to come out intact, something his teammates recognize and admire, to Peter's surprise. ... And the immediate response to Wolverine is, 'Oh, Cap and Wolverine are such opposites! They couldn't even have a conversation together.' I know! Sounds like good dramatic tension to me!"

Why He Loves David Finch: "When we were done with Ultimate X-Men I looked at one ... and it really showed me what he could do and I was frustrated to leave. Boo hoo my high class problem. I've got all these books, but I was frustrated not to be working with him anymore. So when the word for Avengers came down, I literally said, 'I'm not doing it without David Finch' and I didn't even know if David wanted to do it. He could have been done with me and I wouldn't have blamed him."

On Current Criticism and Controversy: ""I was reading this article in 'Comic Book Artist' where they printed this old strip that was in a fanzine about Claremont, literally burning him in effigy for killing Jean Grey. He so angered the fans at the time and NOW you can't imagine Jean Grey not dying, I'm not comparing it to 'The Dark Phoenix Saga,' but my point was that there might be some room to let [my work] sit for a while before people flip out. But, um, I think when # 502 comes out I'll turn off my computer and go ride my bike.""
For the full article, as well as a preview of upcoming Avengers art, click on the link above.

In another Marvelous note, CBR also posted a preview of art from the upcoming Daredevil # 65 Anniversary Special, which celebrates the 40th anniversary of Daredevil's creation as well as the 5th anniversary of the Marvel Knights imprint. This issue will tell the story of a question that hasn't been asked directly: "How has the public revelation of Daredevil's secret identity affected the rest of the Marvel Universe?".

Oh, we'd like to fend off accusations that we're a bunch of Marvel whores by telling everyone to go buy Powers, but it's a Marvel product now. Otherwise, it's really fucking good and you should still buy it anyway. Honest.
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