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We Never Call Bendis "God".

News for Brian Michael Bendis Fans

This is a journal for news and updates on Brian Michael Bendis, critically acclaimed author of comic book both independent and mainstream, and short bald Jew who can't spell for shit.

This is not intended to be a disgusting display of worship or writer totemization or anything that inserts "is God" as some sort of honorific. There's enough of that on the Internet already and god knows that if this was going to be forum of Bendis ass-kissing, one can go to Newsarama for that.

What this is intended to be is quite obvious: articles, rumors and buzz on Bendis' projects and maybe a few things miscellaneous.

If you're interested then you can friend this place for the purpose of being posted on these updates. It is mostly intended for casual comic fans or Bendis readers who don't waste all their time being obsessive fanboys on comic boards to keep posted on his every move.

For the meantime, I'm running around friending people to get them aware of this journal's existence.