We Never Call Bendis "God". (brianbendis) wrote,
We Never Call Bendis "God".

Bendis: Autobiografictionalist

Wow, that's a mouthful! In today's New York Times, Bendis provides his first autobiographical piece since Fortune & Glory.

As if the Short Bald Jew didn't already have enough comics under Marvel, he has found a new outlet for his words and pictures. Titled "True Believer", the piece can be found in the Business section, and explains how he as grown from small-time indie creator to big-time contract player for companies like Marvel. Click here to check it out.

According to Bendis at an interview with Newsarama, "They [at NY Times] wanted me to explain how my small business interacts with this big huge business that is Marvel in a special section about small business. But to do that I had to explain what it is we all do, because as we know, most people have no idea what comics are and can be."

"And to do that I plugged everything I have ever done,” Bendis added with a smile.
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