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News from San Diego 2004

San Diego Comic Con is upon us, or at least American comic book fans, and with it comes a whole slew of announcements from Brian Michael Bendis' biggest source of income, Marvel Comics. The most high profile series of announcements came from the Avengers Panel.

Currently on a promotional roll for Avengers Disassembled, Marvel assembled EIC Joe Quesada, Ed Brubaker, Adi Granov, Mark Waid, Tom Brevoort, Allan Jacobson, Brian Michael Bendis, Robert Rodi, Scott Kolins, Joe Casey, Allan Heinberg, and Robert Kirkman to announce new projects related to the Avengers side of the Marvel microcosm.

In a typical display of pomp, Bendis declared, "No one has guessed who the team will be after the Avengers Disassembled story. There are a lot of rumors floating around, but no one is right."

After Kirkman's run on Captain America, Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting will be taking over the reins. No issue number has been announced as to when they take over, and the same goes for a special new announcement: Warren Ellis and Adi Granov are getting the keys to Iron Man, finally confirming weeks of rumors that Mark Ricketts and Tony Harris would no longer be on the imminent replacement team.

"Adi [Granov]'s stuff is fantastic and one of few times someone's taken CGI look and made it work," said Quesada. "Granov will be doing the first six issues of the Iron Man and then fill in artists will work on a few issues so he can get ahead."

Also announced was Young Avengers. Written by Heinberg (of TV's The O.C.) and illustrated by newly exclusive Jimmy Cheung. Quesada insisted, "It's not what you think. It's nothing like you're thinking, it's one of the most inventive series we've come along in a long time and Al has such an incredible take on the characters you'll be excited."

Heinberg pointed out that the characters will be all new and he joked about the creative process, when he first said, "Why am I doing this book? I hate this book!" The audience laughed and Heinberg said Geoff Johns' Teen Titans inspired the book, with young versions of Hulk, Cap, Iron Man and thor showing up in the wake of Disassembled.

Still on schedule is the "Avengers Finale" special in February, which is written by Brian Bendis and "it'll be like the last episode of 'Mash,' with special moments for every characters." It'll feature some of the top artists in the series, including a cover by Neal Adams and a final chapter by George Perez.

Although not an Avenger, a related Bendis project is Daredevil: Golden Age, which will begin after the conclusion of the current Black Widow arc. It's an anniversary special to celebrate forty years of the crimson cowled avenger, the arc takes readers through Daredevil's early years and features the yellow costume.

On the panel it was described as "a little like Once Upon a Time In America." When that series comes out Bendis will be scribing Daredevil's adventures in the Golden Age, Silver Age and Modern Age. Alex Maleev will handle art chores and has posted a preview of the cover to # 66 over at the Bendis board.

Other miscellaneous announcements include:
Galactus returns to Earth in Mark Waid's Fantastic Four, and chooses one of the 4 to become his new herald.

Quesada insisted that She-Hulk is NOT being cancelled, "We don't want to cancel this book and it doesn't look like we have to cancel it, but it could use a few more of you reading it."

In November, Thunderbolts returns with Fabian Nicieza and Kurt Busiek as writers, with Tom Grummet doing pencils. Casey & Kollins' Earth's Mightiest Heroes will also be shipping.

Robert Kirkman is also premiering a new "Marvel Team Up" series with art by Scott Kolins and the first two issues feature, as he says, "it features Spider-Man and that guy with the claws."
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