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Disassembling Commences

Again, we here at We Never Call Bendis "God" apologize for the lack of updates, but the cause of such lies mostly in the fact that The Short Bald Jew hasn't really been up to anything that warrants special coverage, and until we start getting paid to do this, we cannot afford to keep track of every time he screws his wife or goes out stalking high school kids.

But I digress. Marvel recently held a teleconference to discuss the details of this month's special Avengers event, Avengers Disassembled! with Joe Quesada, Brian Michael Bendis and other involved persons. Details of this were posted today at Comicon.Com's PULSE, but here's a list of most of the important points that were made:
A preview of Avengers # 500 as written by Brian Michael Bendis and with art by David Finch (Ultimate X-Men) is now available online.

As previously announced, the main Avengers title will go into slumber after the Disassembling ends, but what was not announced was that a special story called "Avengers Finale" will be published between it and the subsequent relaunch on November.

Bendis compares Avengers Finale to the final episode of M.A.S.H. "All the surviving members of the Avengers ... get together one last time and, like a wake, it's kind of a funny sort of sad that definitely gives the characters a moment to reflect with each other and themselves about what happened and where to go next."

Industry legend George Perez will be illustrating the final chapter in the Disassembled story arc, also marking his first work since JLA/Avengers. A multiple gaggle of artists will be illustrating Finale, a collaboration that can be compared to the Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special (aka Ultimate Marvel Team Up Finale).

Someone will die, and according to Quesada, that death will be permanent for the foreseeable future, which is in keeping with his policy as EIC of "dead is dead". In the same breath, Quesada also mentioned that "there is a resurrection of an old character that may have nothing to do with Avengers right now only because the resurrection is done so damn good that I had to let it happen."

The Avengers relaunch will not only see more work from Bendis, but ANOTHER Avengers title to be written by an unnamed mainstream writer that neither Bendis or Quesada are prepared to talk about at the moment. As Bendis put it, "In theory, Joe already likes it better than mine."
Bendis Quote of the Moment:
"I just couldn't handle [the constant lies and rejection in Hollywood]. I just want to write. All the lying, the cheating, and the stealing - you sort of understand that in Hollywood because of the huge amounts of money involved in making movies. Comics? Surprisingly, [people] do the same and there's really no money in comics! People just want to behave badly, I guess. I don't understand that. You can understand fucking someone over for a million dollars, but not for ten dollars!
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