We Never Call Bendis "God". (brianbendis) wrote,
We Never Call Bendis "God".

Eisner Time

In a self-confessed display of pomp and braggartness, Bendis announced the nominations his work has received for the upcoming Eisner awards. Here's the list, as taken from his message board:
Best Serialized Story: Alias # 22-28 AND Daredevil # 46-50
Best Continuing Series: Alias AND Daredevil
Best Writer: Brian Bendis, for Alias, Daredevil, Powers, Ultimate Spider-Man, & Ultimate X-Men
Best Painter: David Mack for Daredevil
Best Artist: Alex Maleev for Daredevil
Bear in mind that the official and complete list of nominees does not come out till Thursday, so these may, through some capricious stroke of fate, may change.
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