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Bendis at Wizardworld LA

Pretty much everything on the Short Jew's plate was discussed at his panel at Wizardworld LA. Key announcements include:
Astro City's Brent Anderson will be the regular artist for The Pulse. His first first issue will be # 6, which will tie into the ongoing Secret War and guest star Wolverine.

As mentioned before, Bendis is trying to slowly put away the pieces of Frank Miller in his work on Daredevil. Thus from hereonforward, There will be new villains and new characters.

The departure from Ultimate Fantastic Four and the new Avengers Disassemble! assignment both happened for a reason. At a meeting for UFF, Marvel management liked Bendis' ideas for Avengers so much that he had to choose one team book over the other. UFF went.

On the other hand, in a gesture typical among industry peers, Bendis gave the thumbs up to Ellis' by saying that his first two scripts were fantastic. Bendis had fifteen issues plotted out with Millar.

The new group of writers for the Avengers books would be: Robert Kirkman (Invincible, Battle Pope) for Captain America, Michael Avon Oeming (Bastard Samurai, Hammer of the Gods) on Thor, and Mark Ricketts (Nowheresville) on Iron Man.

Due to overwhelming fan requests, Marvel will release an Ultimate Spider-Man script book, containing the best of Bendis' scripts. This is similar to the Powers script book.

As has been made clear from the recent Marvel Previews, Ben Reilly is coming to Ultimate Spider-Man. The Ultimate version of the notorious clone will appear during the Ultimate Carnage storyline. Bendis thanked visitors to his message board for the characters or ideas they tell him to stay away from. When that happens "I immediately do it.

Charlize Theron has decided to produce and star in a film adaptation of Bendis' noirsh crime epic, Jinx. And to reiterate, Bendis mentioned that the Powers movie is still on hold while Frank Oz completes The Stepford Wives.

Bendis will eventually write a sequel to Fortune & Glory once he gets more material beyond studio executive meetings. He'd like to write one about his work in comic books, but that'll only happen after Joe Quesada and everyone he knows is dead.
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