We Never Call Bendis "God". (brianbendis) wrote,
We Never Call Bendis "God".

Bendis Board Locked?

This is a little late, but for those who might be looking to visit the Bendis Board, it is currently under a lockdown by the administrators. Here's the explanation from Admin Allen Hui:
To everyone:

This message board has seen far too many arguements this weekend. All of them seem to be based on misunderstandings and gut reactions to insult someone else or joining in to escalate a minor dispute.

If there is a misunderstanding, please refrain from insults or any inflammatory speech because that can only result in further misunderstanding. If you say something someone doesn't understand, apologize and clarify. Understand that if your words are misinterpreted, it is partly your fault. Try not to use profanity. I know it's ridiculous to want to censor profanity so I won't do that. However, the use of profanity can often make a point more unclear and in many cases, serve to invalidate the point. This is not about censorship or free speech. This is a matter of courtesy, etiquette, respect and the basic principles of effective communication.

Some users have gotten banned and returned to join the community. Others who hold grudges against these users should let it go. Any attempts to try to get someone else banned or to cause another dispute only proves the point that this board has become elitist and unwelcoming.

I don't want to treat everyone here like children but I'm sure that's how it appears because locking the board is, in a sense, "a time out." I also know it's unfair to punish everyone for the behavior of a few, but we are all partly responsible for allowing, encouraging, participating and/or inciting certain behavior.

We have gone over these exact problems over and over again. This is the last straw.

The board will be unlocked tomorrow Sunday, October 24, 2004 at approximately 3 p.m. PST. Until then, I will try my best to answer any emails and private messages regarding this in a timely manner. Meanwhile, you can post at any of the other Image boards but please observe and respect any explicit or implict rules. There is also a temporary Bendis Board operated by one of the Bendis Board regulars.

Be good. Thank you.
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